A collection of our videos documenting housing issues and the personal experiences of low income Texans dealing with housing inequality. To keep up with our latest productions, follow us on Vimeo.

Fair housing and environmental injustice in Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi’s historic African-American neighborhoods of Hillcrest and Washington-Coles have endured decades of injustice: Redlining and housing segregation, industrial waste and environmental pollution, isolation and neglect from public services. Now, the Texas Department of Transportation and the City of Corpus Christi want to build a new bridge directly through the neighborhood, further separating residents from the rest of the city and exacerbating environmental, health and housing inequalities. A federal civil rights complaint seeks to prevent the construction of the bridge from adding to the neighborhood’s legacy of mistreatment. In our short documentary produced in collaboration with Texas RioGrande Legal Aid, residents and community advocates provide a firsthand account of what’s at stake:

Veterans with Vouchers: Samantha
Discrimination against people who use housing vouchers caused the Austin City Council to pass a “source of income protection” ordinance in 2014 – which the Texas Legislature then voided in 2015 with a statewide ban on such laws. The state does allow for cities to protect veterans who use vouchers from discrimination, however. Veterans like Samantha, a single mother in Austin who had to live in a shelter for months because no apartment would accept her voucher. Samantha shared her story and discussed the importance of making sure our veterans’ housing rights are protected:

Fair Housing and Neighborhood Rights for Houston
Our partners at Texas Organizing Project (TOP) have identified the four rights that residents of every neighborhood in Houston deserve: The right to stay, the right to choose, the right to equal treatment and the right to have a say. In this video, TOP leaders introduced their Fair Housing and Neighborhood Rights campaign:

A Rio Grande Valley family’s experience with substandard manufactured housing
About 7 percent of all Texans live in manufactured housing, the vast majority of whom are low income and living in frequently unsafe conditions. The problem is especially pronounced in the Rio Grande Valley, where too many families live in fear of fires and other safety hazards caused by substandard housing. Miriam Hernandez, a single mother, shared her family of 11’s experience living in a 36-foot manufactured home:

Josue Lopez on his experience with property tax loans
Some property tax loan companies prey on homeowners by offering misleading high interest loans for property tax debts, starting a cycle from which it’s difficult for low income households to emerge. Josue Lopez, a Rio Grande Valley resident, has brought his personal experience with a predatory tax loan to a campaign to reform the lending industry and protect low income Texans:

Source of income discrimination: Evita Cruz and Latorie Duncan
Two single mothers, Evita and Latorie, struggled for months to find a place to live in Austin that would accept their housing vouchers. During the Legislature’s debate over Austin’s source of income protection ordinance, Evita and Latorie explained what it’s like for families to face housing insecurity because of landlord discrimination:

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