2019 Texas Legislature

The 86th regular session of the Texas Legislature begins January 8, 2019 and runs for 140 days through May 27, 2019. Check here for a list of housing-related bills that we will be updating and tracking throughout the session.


HB 69
Author: Minjarez
Description: Establishes protocol for vacating housing and ending a lease after a tenant’s death

HB 174
Author: Canales
Description: Relating to the expunction of eviction records

HB 175
Author: Canales
Description: Limiting the amount of late fees that can be charged to tenants using a housing choice voucher

HB 188
Author: Bernal
Description: Prohibits housing discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity

HB 244
Author: Farrar
Description: Prohibits types of discrimination, including housing discrimination, based on sexual orientation or gender identity; provides an administrative penalty; creates a criminal offense

HB 254
Author: Bernal
Description: Similar to HB 244

HB 608
Author: Thierry
Description: Would permit the City of Houston to place a lien on residential property for unpaid substandard residential building fines

HB 624
Author: Neave
Description: Establishes a 7-day notification period for landlords to tenants of increases in rent prior to any notification period for tenants to landlords of notice to vacate

SB 125
Author: West
Description: Requires parking permits issued to a tenant by a landlord to be coterminous with a lease

SB 151
Author: Rodriguez, Hinojosa, Whitmire
Description: Similar to HB 244, HB 254

SB 234
Author: Nelson
Description: Expands the types of documentation which a victim of family violence can provide to a landlord in order to terminate a lease

Disaster Recovery

HB 274
Author: Davis, Sarah
Description: Creation of a Disaster Investment Fund and appropriation of $15 million from the Economic Stabilization (Rainy Day) Fund to it

HB 478
Author: Phelan
Description: Establishes the Flood Infrastructure Fund and funding sources; prioritizes the benefit to counties with a median household income of 85% or less of the state’s median household income

HB 492
Author: Shine
Description: Allows taxing units to establish temporary property tax exemptions for homesteads damaged after a disaster based on the level of damage

HB 493
Author: Shine
Description: Identical to HB 492, but allows taxing units to apply to Comptroller for a refund of exempted taxes; no funding source identified

HB 622
Author: Neave
Description: Allows owners of homesteads rendered unusable by a natural disaster to apply to County Appraisal Districts requesting that property taxes not be increased

HB 768
Author: Davis, Sarah
Description: Requiring the reappraisal of property deemed at least 5% damaged by FEMA after a natural disaster

HJR 34
Author: Shine
Description: Proposal of constitutional amendment for HB 492

HJR 35
Author: Shine
Description: Proposal of constitutional amendment for HB 493

SB 179
Author: Miles
Description: Establishes task force to study flooding in Harris County and report to the legislature by Dec. 1, 2020

SB 202
Author: Huffman
Description: Requires appraisal districts to reappraise properties damaged after a natural disaster

SB 220
Author: Menendez
Description: Study on potential collaboration between Texas Department of Emergency Management and the United States Postal Service to assess damage after a natural disaster

SB 289
Author: Lucio
Description: Establishes a disaster recovery housing planning process administered by the General Land Office and in conjunction with Texas A&M University for local governments (“RAPIDO”)

SB 300
Author: Miles
Description: Relating to indefinite quantity contracts entered into by the General Land Office for the provision of certain services to declared disaster areas following a natural disaster.

SB 339
Author: Huffman
Description: Increased floodplain notification requirements from a seller to a buyer of residential property

Affordable Housing

HB 59
Author: Swanson
Description: Increases scoring priority for letters from state representatives regarding Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program applications; increases point value for sites in unincorporated urban areas

HB 96
Author: Swanson
Description: Increases notification requirements from LIHTC program applicants to neighborhood organizations; requires a “study of the development’s anticipated effects” on the area

HB 266
Author: Bernal
Description: Defines the terms “sanitary”, “decent”, and “safe dwelling” for housing developments funded by the TDHCA

HB 416
Author: Guerra
Description: Removes letters from state representatives as scoring criteria for the LIHTC program

HB 834
Author: Hernandez
Description: Allows counties to adopt a land bank program

SB 233
Author: Menendez
Description: Relating to a limit on the amount on certain private activity bonds for qualified residential rental projects

SB 335
Author: West
Description: Relating to the organization of Community Land Trusts and appraisal of property held by them

Environmental Justice

SB 180
Author: Miles
Description: Regulating expansion of environmentally hazardous facilities in communities of color

Farmworker Housing

HB 50
Author: Romero
Description: Improving the regulation of migrant farmworker housing

HB 206
Author: Bernal
Description: Improving the regulation of migrant farmworker housing

SB 224
Author: Flores
Description: Exempting H-2A program housing from TDHCA licensing requirements

SB 360
Author: Rodriguez
Description: TDHCA study on migrant labor housing facilities

Consumer Protection

HB 90
Author: Ortega
Description: Relating to the regulation of wrap mortgages

SB 42
Author: Zaffirini
Description: Companion bill to HB 90


HB 360
Author: Murphy
Description: Extending the sunset date to 2029 for Chapter 312 of the Tax Code allowing cities to provide tax abatements

HB 499
Author: Button
Description: Duplicate bill to HB 360

HB 675
Author: Thierry
Description: Relating to a study and report by the Comptroller on the establishment and implementation of a program that provides financial assistance to property owners who offer housing to veterans at risk of homelessness

HJR 11
Author: Gonzales, Mary
Description: Providing bond authority to the Texas Water Development Board for infrastructure projects in Economically Distressed Areas

SB 118
Author: West
Description: Companion bill to HB 360/499

SB 350
Author: Powell
Description: Removes sunset provision for Ch. 312 of the Tax Code