A Little Louder Podcast

A Little Louder is a podcast from Texas Housers, hosted by John Henneberger and Christina Rosales. We talk about fair housing, community development and community efforts to work toward just cities and inclusive neighborhoods.

Here is our latest episode: 
Episode 17: When Highways Threaten Our Legacy

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Episode 1: What Clarksville can teach us about community preservation and displacement

Episode 2: Integration Now: How inclusive communities promote options and opportunity

Episode 3: How to avoid disaster recovery Groundhog Day

Episode 4: Home matters

Episode 5: Lubbock and the people’s pursuit for equal air

Episode 6: The Houser guide to the 86th Texas Legislature

Episode 7: The struggle for neighborhood history, the fight for neighborhood future

Episode 8: CDBG 101

Episode 9: Galveston’s Subsidized Housing Crisis

Episode 10: Inside HUD’s plan that may threaten mixed-status families

Episode 11: The Roundabout Way We Subsidize Affordable Housing

Episode 12: Juneteenth and Texas Freedom Colonies

Episode 13: Where do the 2020 presidential candidates stand on housing?

Episode 14: Sonido del Agua Part 1

Episode 15: Sonido del Agua Part 2

Episode 16: The House Of Cards America Built

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