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2013 Texas Legislative Session Wrap Up

Here’s our wrap up of the major low-income housing issues in the 83rd regular session of the Texas legislature. TDHCA Sunset: After Gov. Perry vetoed the TDHCA Sunset bill in 2011, the legislature passed a “stop-gap” two-year extension of the agency.  This session, HB 3361, the bill extending the Texas Department of Housing and Community […]

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Review shows some progress in border housing since 1997

It will be seventeen years next month since the Border Low Income Housing Coalition was established and proposed a plan to address the substandard living conditions on the Texas side of the Texas- Mexico border. In preparing for a convening of people concerned with the living conditions today along that border, I got out the […]

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TDHCA Sunset Recommendation #2: Create a program category for Texans earning between 0 and 110% of SSI.

As previously discussed here at Texas Housers, TDHCA is currently undergoing Sunset Review.  We are presenting recommendations for ways to improve TDHCA that have been endorsed by a broad range of stakeholders in TDHCA’s activities. Issue: TDHCA’s activities fail to reach Texans living on fixed income programs Background: TDHCA presently tracks three categories of low […]

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Government housing programs can and do help the poorest families in Texas

I blogged last week about the need for housing programs to recognize the housing needs of families well below 30 percent of the area median income and suggested a new category of housing need called “below poverty income.” In response I received a question this morning that I thought deserved to be answered here. The […]

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The case for a new category of housing need — below poverty income

I have made myself an annoyance to many in the for-profit housing development industry by my constant insistence that housing funded with public resources be created that is affordable to families with incomes at 30% of the area median family income. Recently, I attended a meeting on the uses of the Texas Housing Trust Fund […]

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Our ten point plan for rehousing low income Hurricane Ike survivors

There are many critical housing needs facing Hurricane Ike survivors of all incomes.  Our focus is on the area of housing for low-income families.  This is our ten point plan to rehouse low income Hurricane Ike survivors. We learned a lot about how low-income families fare in the wake of natural disaster through the Hurricane […]

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Texas should prioritize energy efficiency in low income housing development

Utility costs are a large and growing problem for low income families. We need to explore the cost effectiveness of building major energy efficiency technologies and solar in low income housing in Texas. Traditionally in Texas we have built low income housing with a focus on keeping the construction costs down. Super high efficiency appliances […]

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Focusing on the big picture of housing assistance

Let’s take a step back and focus on the big picture of housing assistance using this chart I have prepared based on data in a recent HUD research report. Since it is 107 degrees outside today I decided to stay in and read the latest HUD report and chart some of the data to get […]

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VISTAs make good things happen in housing

We have a new VISTA volunteer at the Texas Low Income Housing Information Service and I am once again reminded how VISTAs make good things happen for the poor, especially in housing. Ryan is a summer VISTA who was assigned to us through a VISTA program operated by United Cerebral Palsy of Texas.  His job […]

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The voice of consumers is missing in judging subsidized housing

Low income tenants are seldom consulted about the quality of housing that the government builds for them. I have long thought this to be a serious flaw in affordable housing. Without the active involvement of consumers how can we expect the housing to be designed to meet their needs?  Without asking the tenants, how can […]

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State of the Nation’s Housing – it’s getting worse

I know I have been mostly blogging about problems lately. All of this negative housing news can be depressing. I really have been looking hard for some positive news in affordable housing. For example, I did just point out yesterday that Texas might get a housing trust fund increase. That is sure good news. But […]

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32 years in low income housing in Texas

I started my involvement with low income housing and community development in 1975. As a junior at the University of Texas at Austin majoring in history I signed up for a course and oral history and was assigned to the Clarksville neighborhood, an historic free black settlement in central Austin. When I showed up at […]

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