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Houston: The Real Texas? I pray not based on these attitudes

In the late 1990’s the marketing motto of Houston was “Houston: The Real Texas.”  Based on what I have been reading lately I hope that’s wrong. At the risk of seeming like a voyeur of Texas hate speech I’m going to point out the reader comments on Houston Chronicle columnist Lisa Falkenberg’s column titled Has […]

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Houston’s fair housing failure segregates Katrina evacuees in SW slum apartments

Today’s dangerous housing problems in the Southwestern part of Houston have been greatly exacerbated by the actions of Houston city government in the settlement of large numbers of Katrina evacuees in the area. But the problem does not lie solely in past actions.  The City of Houston, in violation of provisions of the 1968 Fair […]

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FEMA and HUD: not who you would want to depend on to throw you a life preserver

The House Financial Services Committee called HUD and FEMA to testify about when the lead federal agencies for hurricane relief are going to get the 2005 Hurricane survivors out of temporary and into permanent housing. The result: lots of agency mumbling and stammering. Listen to excerpts from the hearing in this NPR story. Also appalling is the failure of […]

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We have not learned the lessons of Katrina

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina we wondered what we could do to help. We settled on four things: 1) advocate on the behalf of the housing needs of the Katrina evacuees; 2) work with the State of Texas to try to come up with a good plan to help the victims of hurricane Rita […]

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