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City of Dallas signs Fair Housing conciliation agreement with HUD

Today the City of Dallas signed a Fair Housing conciliation agreement with HUD. Major provisions include: The City shall continue to develop InspireDallas (also known as “Housing Plus”), a planning effort that was initiated subsequent to the issuance of HUD findings of Fair Housing violations. InspireDa!las will develop an organized plan for the City […]

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A Texas houser’s thoughts on the State of Texas’ appeal of the Dallas fair housing case to the Supreme Court

This is the first of a several posts I plan over the coming days looking at the facts behind State of Texas v. Inclusive Communities Project appeal before the Supreme Court. As a whole, Texas has made some real progress toward equal opportunity and fair housing in the forty-six years since the Fair Housing Act was enacted. […]

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Austin City Council moves to adopt fair housing “source of income” protection

The Austin City Council today unanimously passed on first reading an amendment to the Austin Fair Housing Ordnance to prohibit landlords from rejecting the application of a prospective tenant solely because the tenant relies on a HUD Housing Choice Voucher to pay a portion of the rent. The need for this protection is set out in a 2010 white paper […]

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Galveston Housing Authority declares firm commitment to Fair Housing as construction begins

A groundbreaking ceremony last Wednesday was the occasion for the leaders of the Galveston Housing Authority (GHA) to proclaim their firm commitment to Fair Housing through the start of construction of the first of two mixed income housing developments. Readers of are familiar with the prolonged effort to rebuild the public housing apartments that […]

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Dallas Morning News Editorial gets it partly right: Dallas needs to fix its housing policies

The HUD letter of findings of civil rights violations continues to reverberate in Dallas. In a strongly worded editorial today the Dallas Morning News said the paper is “deeply concerned about federal allegations that the city of Dallas misused housing funds to promote downtown at the expense of southern Dallas neighborhoods.” This newspaper is encouraged that […]

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Dallas Observer asking the right questions about HUD’s Dallas fair housing findings

In his Dallas Observer blog Jim Schutze asks some intriguing questions about the facts that are not yet fully known about the City of Dallas incident that blew up last month resulting in a major HUD civil rights finding against the city. He writes… The obvious question is why Dallas would first accept, then voluntarily spurn, $150 […]

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Opponents of public housing in Galveston file lawsuit claiming rebuilding public housing would further segregation

This situation is simply so bizarre it speaks for itself. From today’s Houston Chronicle GALVESTON – Opponents of public housing on Galveston Island, accused of racial and class bias during a long battle to rebuild housing damaged by Hurricane Ike, turned that argument around by filing a federal lawsuit claiming that reconstruction of public housing […]

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“Its Westchester on steroids”: HUD finds Dallas in non-compliance with fair housing laws, seeks sweeping remedies

“Its Westchester on steroids,” is how one civil rights advocate characterized HUD’s findings against the City of Dallas, referring to the landmark 2009 fair housing case against Westchester County, NY. On November 22 HUD issued the result of a forty-five month investigation of the City of Dallas which concluded… Based on the evidence obtained during […]

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Thanksgiving check-in on the homeless in Texas — maybe intractable social problems can be solved after all

It seems that Thanksgiving is one of the few times many people worry about the homeless. Let’s join the crowd and take a look at the numbers of homeless in Texas. The data comes from a HUD report  The 2013 Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) to Congress. First, s word of caution about the numbers. They […]

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TX colonia residents would be thankful if county officials let them have the things others take for granted

Streetlights and storm sewers… This Thanksgiving there not many people are thinking about how grateful they are for their streetlights and storm sewers. But residents of Texas border colonias are worried because their communities lack these basic public services that most people take for granted. After a series of tragedies involving children waiting for their school […]

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Looking for environmental hazards and air polluters in Houston? Just find a low income Black or Hispanic neighborhood.

We mapped industrial hazardous waste sites and EPA sources of air pollution in the Houston metro area and guess what we found. Environmental hazards are concentrated in areas where the majority of the population is African-American or Hispanic and areas where the median household income is below that of the State of Texas as a […]

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City of Houston held a "meet & greet" for developers to meet the neighborhoods  November 18-20, 2013.

City of Houston introduces developers to residents of 3 designated economically, racially integrated communities

Through the CDBG Hurricane Ike Disaster Recovery program the City of Houston is using more than $100 million in federal funds to carry out targeted revitalization to three inner-city neighborhoods on the cusp of gentrification. The goal is to develop affordable owner and renter occupied housing ti ensure these neighborhoods develop into stable, economically, racially […]

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Austin housing bonds won record support in both rich and poor parts of town

Austin’s affordable housing advocates are still celebrating the approval of a general obligation bond issue by the voters providing $65 million for affordable housing. The Austin American-Statesman today published a precinct by precinct map and analysis of the vote which shows just how profound and widespread was the support for the affordable housing bonds. Southwest […]

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Austin voters easily approve $65M in general obligation affordable housing bonds

The second time was a charm. Austin voters today resoundingly passed a $65 million general obligation bond issue to fund affordable housing development for Austin’s homeless and low-income families. The bond proposition won the approval of approximately 60% of voters. The vote follows last fall’s narrow defeat of a $78 million affordable housing bond package. […]

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Tomorrow is Austin’s big election on housing bonds

Tuesday, November 5 Austin voters will decide the fate of $65 million in City-issued affordable housing bonds. Austin voters very narrowly turned down a larger affordable housing bond proposition during the last election. The bond campaign carried out by the many volunteers and staff at Keep Austin Affordable has been nothing short of extraordinary. Tomorrow […]

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Austin’s KUT on Affordable Housing

Last week, Austin’s NPR-affliate KUT News explored the nuts and bolts of Austin affordable housing in a four-part series – “Under One Roof: Affordable Housing 101.”  The series asked the question “just how does affordable housing work in Austin?”Here are links to the individual stories: Part One: The Users. Affordable housing wait lists can last […]

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eastwood tenant association

NLIHC Highlights Nacogdoches Tenant Association

The Spring 2013 issue of Tenant Talk, a publication of the National Low Income Housing Coalition, contains a moving essay by Gloria More about organizing her fellow tenants of the Eastwood Terrace, a property in Nacogdoches, Texas: The view outside my window painted a dismal scene. I closed my eyes and tried to picture the […]

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Galveston agrees to steps to rebuild public housing

It appears that the rebuilding of the 569 public housing in Galveston demolished in the wake of Hurricane Ike may be back on track. Sources tell me that the Galveston Housing Authority voted today 4-1 to accept the requirements of the Texas General Land Office concerning the rebuilding of public housing. Last week the Galveston City […]

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Will Texas learn a lesson from the tragedy at West?

Everyone is horrified at the loss of life and destruction last night from the explosion of a fertilizer plant in the town of West. One of the many things we must resolve in light of this disaster is to make sure that steps are taken to prevent a recurrence elsewhere. It was clearly a mistake […]

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State halts Galveston funding over failure to build public housing: TX Land Commissioner Patterson explains

By Jerry Patterson The city of Galveston has a choice to make as we try to move forward with plans to complete the recovery from Hurricane Ike: Either quit dragging its feet and comply with the federal requirements as well as the city of Galveston’s own council resolution to rebuild public housing adopted on Sept. […]

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Fort Bend County is nation’s most ethnically diverse county in US – Houston Chronicle

Fort Bend County is the most ethnically diverse county in the United States. And according to the 2010 federal census, it comes closer than any other U.S. county to having an equal distribution of the nation’s four major ethnic groups. In 2010, Fort Bend County was 19 percent Asian, 24 percent Latino, 21 percent African-American […]

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Chrishelle Palay helps Houston’s poor and needy plead their cause

Open your mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy. – Proverbs 31:9 . Chrishelle Palay works to help the poor plead their own cause and she lends her voice to their cause as well. Palay is the policy analyst for Texas Low Income Housing Information Service in Houston. Her mission […]

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TxLIHIS policy analyst Josué Ramírez supports colonia residents’ search for solutions

Although only 24 years old, Josué Ramírez has taken on a leading role in working with grassroots community leaders to solve one of our nation’s biggest housing and poverty challenges — the impoverished colonias of the Texas-Mexico border region.  Josué is a policy analyst for Texas Low Income Housing Information Service working out of our new […]

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Homer the homeless goose and Blackland neighborhood – an oral history tribute

Happy 25th birthday Homer! via Ball: Homer the homeless goose celebrates 25th birthday,… | In honor of Homer we are publishing a chapter from an oral history of the affordable housing movement in Austin that was prepared for TxLIHIS by Joshua Knobe back in 2000. The Blackland Neighborhood and the Street People’s Advisory Committee […]

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The Blogosphere Discusses Segregation in Austin

Over the last two months, there’s been an uptick in folks visiting the Texas Housers website after searching on terms that are some variation of “segregation in Austin.”  This traffic can be traced back to a Texas Monthly article “What Nobody Says About Austin: Is Austin the state’s most segregated city?,” and a couple of […]

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Ruby Roa

Ruby Roa, the American-Statesman’s Volunteer of the Year

Congratulations to Ruby Roa for being named “Volunteer of the Year” by the Austin American Statesman. Meet Ruby Roa, the American-Statesman’s Volunteer of the Year | The Statesman recognized Ruby for her work as an advocate for housing for the poor. At TxLIHIS we have worked with Ruby for many years, are proud to know […]

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Notice at apartment complex targets young blacks – Houston Chronicle

The Houston Chronicle is reporting on a notice found posted at a southwest Houston apartment complex warning residents to report black youths on the property. According to the Chronicle story, there is some indication that the notice may have been posted by the apartment management. The Chronicle reports however that the apartment manager denies knowledge […]

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Aunt Bertha points people to help

A colleague just pointed out an interesting new website designed to refer people needing help in a range of areas, including housing to agencies and services.  The Austin American-Statesman wrote a backgrounder on the site and the people behind it. It looks pretty cool. So far, Aunt Bertha serves Central Texas, but is rapidly expanding […]

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Map shows precinct results for Austin housing bond defeat

Last Tuesday the $78 million Austin housing bond proposition was narrowly rejected by the voters by a margin of 51.4%. The City of Austin has mapped the percentage of votes against the bonds. The dark red areas had the greatest percentage voting for the bonds and the dark blue areas had the greatest percentage voting […]

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