We’re proud to be a Texas partner of the National Low Income Housing Coalition

The National Low Income Housing Coalition is dedicated solely to achieving socially just public policy that assures people with the lowest incomes in the United States have affordable and decent homes. Get involved and join today

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Learn how to resolve a dispute with your landlord

The Texas Tenant Advisor developed by Texas Low Income Housing Information Service and Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid attorney Robert Doggett helps tenants know their rights under Texas law so they can resolve disputes with their landlords. The site includes videos, forms you can use to resolve you problem with your landlord, legal statutes, and […]

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Find subsidized housing with our custom search tool – Texas Housing Counselor

The Texas Housing Counselor is a website of the Texas Low Income Housing Information Service. It is an interactive search tool which automatically estimates the your rent for subsidized housing programs in Texas and is a resource for exploring housing options in the city you choose. It is important to remember that a property or […]

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City of Dallas signs Fair Housing conciliation agreement with HUD

Today the City of Dallas signed a Fair Housing conciliation agreement with HUD. Major provisions include: The City shall continue to develop InspireDallas (also known as “Housing Plus”), a planning effort that was initiated subsequent to the issuance of HUD findings of Fair Housing violations. InspireDa!las will develop an organized plan for the City […]

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We are looking for a new team member who is a great writer and communicator

JOB ANNOUNCEMENT A writer, journalist, researcher, explainer, story-teller, communicator is sought to work with our team of experienced, dedicated anti-poverty, social change agents. We support lower-income community leaders to overcome housing discrimination, substandard neighborhood/housing conditions, unaffordable housing and civic disengagement. The Texas Low Income Housing Information Service, is an award-winning nonprofit, five-person organization, established in […]

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A Texas houser’s thoughts on the State of Texas’ appeal of the Dallas fair housing case to the Supreme Court

This is the first of a several posts I plan over the coming days looking at the facts behind State of Texas v. Inclusive Communities Project appeal before the Supreme Court. As a whole, Texas has made some real progress toward equal opportunity and fair housing in the forty-six years since the Fair Housing Act was enacted. […]

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Supreme Court agrees to hear State of Texas’ appeal of Inclusive Communities v. State of Texas

The United States Supreme Court agreed today to hear and appeal in Inclusive Communities Project v. Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs. The issue is narrowly drawn around the question of whether or not a violation of the Fair Housing Act can be proved by a showing of statistical disparate impact on a protected class, without […]

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Austin City Council moves to adopt fair housing “source of income” protection

The Austin City Council today unanimously passed on first reading an amendment to the Austin Fair Housing Ordnance to prohibit landlords from rejecting the application of a prospective tenant solely because the tenant relies on a HUD Housing Choice Voucher to pay a portion of the rent. The need for this protection is set out in a 2010 white paper […]

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Celebrate the community of Texas housers, Friday Sept. 26 at the Scholz Garten

Thanks for all the congratulations over the past week on the MacArthur Fellowship. Texas has an incredibly dedicated, talented community of housers and we want to celebrate the work of all Texas housers and those who support fair and affordable housing. Join us at the Scholz Garten, 1607 San Jacinto Blvd in Austin on Friday, September 26 from […]

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On being named a 2014 MacArthur Fellow

I am deeply honored today to be named a 2014 MacArthur Fellow by the MacArthur Foundation. This recognition comes to me in large part because of my association with an extraordinary group of colleagues and associates and the importance of the issues we work on together. My colleagues and associates include neighborhood leaders called to fight inequality, discrimination […]

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Galveston Housing Authority declares firm commitment to Fair Housing as construction begins

A groundbreaking ceremony last Wednesday was the occasion for the leaders of the Galveston Housing Authority (GHA) to proclaim their firm commitment to Fair Housing through the start of construction of the first of two mixed income housing developments. Readers of are familiar with the prolonged effort to rebuild the public housing apartments that […]

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LBJ and king

Spend a hour this MLK Day listening to Dr King deliver a 1966 speech in Dallas

“I never intend to adjust myself to segregation or discrimination.” –  MLK, speaking at SMU in Dallas, March 17, 1966. What a thrill it is to be able to listen to Dr. King speak before an audience of students and academics at Southern Methodist University. The audience is clearly not a group of civil rights […]

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Don Jones, housing, homeless supporter, chief of staff for State Rep. Jose Melendez, passes away

The Quorum Report is reporting this sad news. Don was a proud veteran who cared deeply about the plight of the homeless. Don was a fierce advocate of affordable housing. Don was a good guy. Don will be missed.

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Nelson Mandela 1918-2013 – “Our struggle for freedom was a collective effort… It is in your hands to create a better world

“We hold it as an inviolable principle that racism must be opposed by all the means that humanity has at its disposal. Wherever it occurs it has the potential to result in a systematic and comprehensive denial of human rights to those who are discriminated against. This is because all racism is inherently a challenge […]

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Dallas Morning News Editorial gets it partly right: Dallas needs to fix its housing policies

The HUD letter of findings of civil rights violations continues to reverberate in Dallas. In a strongly worded editorial today the Dallas Morning News said the paper is “deeply concerned about federal allegations that the city of Dallas misused housing funds to promote downtown at the expense of southern Dallas neighborhoods.” This newspaper is encouraged that […]

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Dallas Observer asking the right questions about HUD’s Dallas fair housing findings

In his Dallas Observer blog Jim Schutze asks some intriguing questions about the facts that are not yet fully known about the City of Dallas incident that blew up last month resulting in a major HUD civil rights finding against the city. He writes… The obvious question is why Dallas would first accept, then voluntarily spurn, $150 […]

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Opponents of public housing in Galveston file lawsuit claiming rebuilding public housing would further segregation

This situation is simply so bizarre it speaks for itself. From today’s Houston Chronicle GALVESTON – Opponents of public housing on Galveston Island, accused of racial and class bias during a long battle to rebuild housing damaged by Hurricane Ike, turned that argument around by filing a federal lawsuit claiming that reconstruction of public housing […]

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Texas housing tax credit fair housing case oral arguments before 5th Circuit Court include lively questions and answers

Yesterday’s oral arguments in the State of Texas’ appeal of the District Court’s ruling in the Inclusive Communities Project vs. Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs before the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals are now available as an audio recording. Here is the Windows Media recoding from the 5th Circuit’s website. The State of Texas appealed US […]

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Bo’s clips: The news media is reporting fair housing stories for a change

Segregated housing remains in America well into the 21st Century despite Fair Housing Laws. The separation of people of color from whites carries negative impact on all aspects of quality of life. The discrimination is presently seen in Dallas where HUD has taken the city to task for concentrating affordable housing in the southern portion […]

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“Its Westchester on steroids”: HUD finds Dallas in non-compliance with fair housing laws, seeks sweeping remedies

“Its Westchester on steroids,” is how one civil rights advocate characterized HUD’s findings against the City of Dallas, referring to the landmark 2009 fair housing case against Westchester County, NY. On November 22 HUD issued the result of a forty-five month investigation of the City of Dallas which concluded… Based on the evidence obtained during […]

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Thanksgiving check-in on the homeless in Texas — maybe intractable social problems can be solved after all

It seems that Thanksgiving is one of the few times many people worry about the homeless. Let’s join the crowd and take a look at the numbers of homeless in Texas. The data comes from a HUD report  The 2013 Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) to Congress. First, s word of caution about the numbers. They […]

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Bo’s clips: In booming Midland, new class of homeless workers mass in camps with cars, trucks parked among tents

In this week’s Bo’s news clips: In booming Midland, a new class of homeless workers mass in camps where cars and trucks are parked among tents. Depending on which news agency you chose to believe, delinquent mortgage rates are slowly tampering-off — or about to dramatically rise. Conflicting reports from Reuters and the New York […]

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TX colonia residents would be thankful if county officials let them have the things others take for granted

Streetlights and storm sewers… This Thanksgiving there not many people are thinking about how grateful they are for their streetlights and storm sewers. But residents of Texas border colonias are worried because their communities lack these basic public services that most people take for granted. After a series of tragedies involving children waiting for their school […]

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Looking for environmental hazards and air polluters in Houston? Just find a low income Black or Hispanic neighborhood.

We mapped industrial hazardous waste sites and EPA sources of air pollution in the Houston metro area and guess what we found. Environmental hazards are concentrated in areas where the majority of the population is African-American or Hispanic and areas where the median household income is below that of the State of Texas as a […]

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City of Houston held a "meet & greet" for developers to meet the neighborhoods  November 18-20, 2013.

City of Houston introduces developers to residents of 3 designated economically, racially integrated communities

Through the CDBG Hurricane Ike Disaster Recovery program the City of Houston is using more than $100 million in federal funds to carry out targeted revitalization to three inner-city neighborhoods on the cusp of gentrification. The goal is to develop affordable owner and renter occupied housing ti ensure these neighborhoods develop into stable, economically, racially […]

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Invest an hour listening to a great story on Fair Housing

Please listen to a great one hour episode of “This American Life” based on ProPublica’s Nikole Hannah-Jones’ reporting.  It is a great introduction to and political history of Fair Housing. Everyone should hear this story.

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Jacob Riss

Jacob Riis: “Why should a man have a better right to kill his neighbor with a house than with an ax in the street?”

Reading Doris Kearns Goodwin’s wonderful new book, The Bully Pulpit: Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and the Golden Age of Journalism I am struck by how powerful the relationship between a journalist and a political leader can be to create social change. The collision of a problem explained in a compelling manner with a political leader who is receptive to reform occasionally produces the nuclear […]

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Texas Senate to study disaster rebuilding – trying to get it right next time around

Unfortunately, Texas has a lot of experience administering governmental programs to help Texans rebuild their homes in the wake of natural disasters. Having been in  meetings between FEMA and State of Texas officials in the immediate aftermath of both Hurricanes Rita and Ike, I appreciate the overwhelming challenges Texas state officials face in deploying the […]

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Undelivered Kennedy speech denounces “nonsense” of deficit fears “wholly unrelated to reality”

In the course of thinking about President Kennedy’s assassination fifty years ago last evening I read the speech Kennedy was scheduled to deliver on the afternoon of November 22, 1963 in Dallas. Much of the speech is related to the Cold War. But I was startled to read a portion of the speech that could […]

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Bo’s clips: The H+T (Housing + Transportation) index better measures true cost

An updated metric for affordability  by HUD and the U.S. DOT calculates the costs of commuting to jobs and services as part of the calculation for housing costs.  In the aftermath of the Great Recession, homeownership rates decrease as foreclosure rates taper-off but continue. JPMorgan, a leader in fraudulent mortgages and foreclosures, is now being […]

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Bo’s clips: Fort Worth’s new urbanist approach works downtown but struggles in poor, minority neighborhood

Uneven road to renewal: Fort Worth debates success of urban villages By Cathy Hirst       Fort Worth Star-Telegram      November 10, 2013 FORT WORTH — Less than a decade ago, the West Seventh Street corridor was largely a mix of warehouses, small businesses and old homes west of downtown and the Trinity River. […]

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Austin housing bonds won record support in both rich and poor parts of town

Austin’s affordable housing advocates are still celebrating the approval of a general obligation bond issue by the voters providing $65 million for affordable housing. The Austin American-Statesman today published a precinct by precinct map and analysis of the vote which shows just how profound and widespread was the support for the affordable housing bonds. Southwest […]

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Austin voters easily approve $65M in general obligation affordable housing bonds

The second time was a charm. Austin voters today resoundingly passed a $65 million general obligation bond issue to fund affordable housing development for Austin’s homeless and low-income families. The bond proposition won the approval of approximately 60% of voters. The vote follows last fall’s narrow defeat of a $78 million affordable housing bond package. […]

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